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Monday, January 9, 2012

Sophie Has 'Build-A-Bear' Feet?

Yes!  It looks like God made Sophie's feet to fit perfectly into a pair of Build-A-Bear shoes.  Sophie has round feet and her Mom & Dad could not find any shoes to fit her.  That is until Erik took a pair of shoes meant for one of Mia's Build-A-Bear dolls and tried them on Sophie's feet.  And these round little shoes fit Sophie perfectly:

Well, while we all thought it was funny, Sophie's Mom, along with Grandma & Grandpa and Aunt Ellie weren't having any of that!  We were on a quest to find something other than fat, round doll shoes for Sophie.  Grandpa and Aunt Ellie found slipper socks with a rubber-soled bottom, and Lori saw another pair of shoes that looked sort of like sweater boots she thought might work, but I was determined to find some kind of a soft shoe to fit her.
Finally, I think we found something!  They seem to fit!  And they stayed on even while she jumped and jumped in Eóghan's jumperoo!

Much better!  Don't you agree?


  1. Yes, I agree, Eileen... the brown shoes with the little pink flowers are much better. Alivia still loves going to Build a Bear!

  2. Cute feet and cute shoes....(love those little pants/slacks that she is wearing too!!)...but what I focus in on is that GORGEOUS and cuddly face.
    Can't get enough of that lovin' as a Grandma (Nana)....and I love to see photos of your sweet sweet family!!!!

  3. Precious, precious! What a cute tale you tell. Also, thanks for your comments at my place. Thank you for sharing what you did, too. Hugz to you and yours!

  4. What a little doll and yes I love the little pink flowered shoes but I found the build a bear shoes cute too. She is so precious Eileen, and her name really suits her.....:-)Hugs

  5. HI EILEEN - oh such precious feet, shoes and most of all memories. And so the chapters are being written for Sophie's life with you as a main author Hallelujah
    Love Gail

  6. Well baby feet are adorable no matter what you put on them! I'm sorry Eileen but I thought the Build a Bear shoes were very stylish!! Yours were cute too though!! Love Di ♥

  7. That was hilarious! but YES the teeny little black and pink soft leather ballet slippers are adorable! Isn't it fun to dress up and play with babies! lol

  8. They're ALL precious (as are her little chubby feet, I'm sure.)

  9. Love it!! You do have fun don't you! And probably wouldn't have it any other way! Your collages are wonderful!!! Cathy