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Friday, January 27, 2012

I Guess I'm Getting Old Because I Used To Be So Much Better At These Things!

I used to be better at doing things.  I used to be better at taking care of babies.  I definitely used to be more organized.  I used to have a 'to go' diaper bag all ready when I went out.  Nowadays I'm running around the house last minute like a chicken with it's head cut off,  throwing baby gear into a plastic zip lock bag just before running out the door. 
And so many times now, when going to change Eóghan, I realize that I forgot a diaper, or the wipes, or a changing pad.
Also now, most times while giving Eóghan a bath, I'm having to resort to using paper towels as wash cloths as I am constantly forgetting to get one BEFORE I put him in the water!  Thank goodness the roll of paper towels is at hand!  (And, thank goodness, so far I haven't forgotten to lay out a towel beforehand!)

I keep all his lotions and creams out on the counter otherwise I know I will forget something:

But it's so messy looking so I finally brought an ugly little organizer:

And, while I have all his paraphernalia for the bath finally organized and at hand, I usually forget one of the after-bath steps anyway!
(Lucky for me that EÓGHAN REMEMBERS!  See how he looks to the side for the next cream/lotion/powder to come!)

And, something else I used to be better at is exercise.  I used to be so much more disciplined. I just started another (and hopefully one that will LAST) diet/exercise program.
The diet lifestyle is something new I'm trying but the exercise routine is something I used to do and enjoy everyday.  Nowadays I don't find too much enjoyment in exercising at all.

I used to be able to do Level Three for each routine!  Now I am lucky if I can make it through Level One for each routine.

AND I USED TO BE ABLE TO LIFT MUCH HEAVIER WEIGHTS!  I used to use twenty pound weights for my biceps, eight pound weights for my triceps, and five pound weights for my shoulders and back.  Now, I am lucky if I can get through the arm routine using eight pound weights for my biceps, three for my triceps, and I now use NO weights for the shoulder/back muscles.

I'm pathetic now.  And it's discouraging.  I feel weak and I feel old.
Oh, well, what can you do?

I don't know if I'll get any better at the memory thing, but I'm hoping the exercise routine gets easier as time goes on.
In some ways I actually love the aging process, but in other ways, well, not so much.


  1. "YOU soldier on, Lady!" (Thanks for your encouragement this morning.)

    That sink has me drooling! It is beautiful. (Are there any downsides to it????) And so is precious Eoghan.

  2. I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things, Eileen. Little Eóghan is so cute...just carrying him around will be exercize in itself! Good luck with the routine!

  3. You left a comment at my blog while I was here... : ) Glad Eóghan fell asleep 'listening' and hope he feels better when he wakes!

  4. I hear you. But you know what? You are getting lots of exercise taking care of Eoghan and walking to pick up Jayden everyday. I've heard that lifting a baby or toddler through out the day is a really good workout. You might be better at those weights than you think you are.
    That's a great idea about that organizer. That way you can glance over and see just what's missing before you begin.

  5. Jayden & Eoghan's MommyJanuary 27, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    Eoghan is already almost 20 pounds - he's all the exercise you need!!! And, stop trying to get your arms in shape - Jayden loves our flabby arm-pillows!

    I love you, Mommy!!!

  6. You are perfect just the way you are!

  7. So I'm thinkin' that the wee one is just glad you are there to love and cuddle him...He cares not for your organization skills!!! Just enjoy, Grandma!!! Luv ya!!! Cathy

  8. You have me laughing here Eileen!! Not at you but at me and Jake. He turns Fifty in March, I'll be Fifty=four in April. Yesterday coming out of the store his shoe was untied and I told him so. He had a hard time bending over and balancing. I asked if he needed my help and he said "What"?", as I was grabbing his arm. Anyway I started cracking up and thought what a pair we make. He mumbled something about being old and feeble! So my friend you are not alone!!! We must laugh at ourselves through all of this aging crap and accept it with grace and dignity!!
    I can't wait until my doctor says that I can exercise again. I was almost up to five miles on my bike and now have to start all over!! Keep on going Eileen, you'll get back up there.
    As for the memory thing, all I can say is buy more notebooks!!!
    Love You, Di ♥

  9. Happy birthday to your aunt Florence!
    Eileen, I wouldn't worry about exercise. I think your getting enough right now taking care of that sweet little one of yours. I envey you!!! He's adorable :>) It's not easy stepping up to the plate and caring for a little one when you haven't done it in a while. Don't be so hard on yourself. As far as diet and exercise goes, it's been a problem for me for years too. I wish I had the answer but I'm still trying to find out what it is myself LOL Thank you so much for visiting me. God bless you and your family ♥
    Love, Carol

  10. Your one of the most dedicated grandmothers I know of, just taking care of the children will keep you in shape sweetie. Oh that baby is beautiful....:-)Hugs