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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jayden turns seven today!

On Saturday we had a family party for him with the usual crowd in attendance:

(Erika holding Baby Ray)

(Eóghan giving Uncle Brian some loving kisses!)

(Melissa stopped by, we haven't seen her since Flora's shower so it was nice to visit with her!)

(Rudy was having fun with the babies ~ here with Eóghan...

...and here with Sophie...

...I guess they wore him out because...
...we caught him napping!)

(Doug with a not-so-happy-looking Baby Ray)

(Sophie all smiles in her Daddy's arms!)


The Birthday Boy with lots of gifts and lots of smiles:

Another thing that made him very happy was a "Star Wars Battle" outside:

And on Sunday there was a Family Mass at Church to open Catholic School Week ~
Jayden was chosen to be one of the students that walked up the aisle in the opening procession at Mass:

(They all look so serious.)

Eóghan amused himself by chomping on Grandma's scarf:

After Mass there was an Open House at school, then we drove to 'Dave & Busters' for another Birthday lunch celebration, and Erik, Lori, Mia, & Sophie joined us.  Most of the group spent a lot of time having fun at the arcade, but Ray, myself, Erik, Sophie, and Eóghan were happy to stay at the table where it was much quieter:

And Miss Sophie kept us entertained making silly faces for us (she actually does it on request, no matter how many times you ask her to do it she complies)!

I think Jayden had a great weekend, I know I had fun!

Today Jayden gets to celebrate in school with his classmates, he's bringing in cupcakes and goody bags for each student, and because it's Catholic School Week there are lots of fun events planned each day this week.  Yesterday the students had to wear their team color (Jayden is on the Gold Team), today is 'Crazy Hat Day' so Jayden decorated a hat with lots of Birthday stickers, tomorrow is both 'Student Recognition Day' and 'Backwards Day' so the students will be treated to pizza for lunch and they will be wearing their clothes backwards!  Thursday is 'Open House' so Eóghan and I get to visit Jayden's classroom, and Friday is 'Teacher Recognition Day' (I'm not sure what goes on for that other than a collection was taken up for his teacher).  So there is lots of fun celebrating going on all week long!  And this weekend is the Super Bowl and I'm sure there will be some celebrating going on in our house if the Giants win!

Happy Birthday, Jayden!  Enjoy your special day!


  1. So many cute little grandkids to hug and hold, Eileen! Enjoyed all the photos! Looks like Jayden had a Great Birthday Celebration!

  2. HI EILEEN - wonderful pictures of memories, celebrations - and more chapters for the stories of their lives! Wonderful. YOU are so life-giving.
    Love Gail

  3. I love to look at the wonderful photos of your sweet family. I can tell that you are the best Umma...and that happiness abounds in your family.
    Happy birthday to sweet Jayden. I've watched him grow, and he continues to be a fine-looking young man. Hugs to you, Eileen. You know that I love being here with you and your family.

  4. Oh Eileen! Isn't being a Grandparent... well, GRAND? Loved your post and all the pix. Jayden is now 7? He was only 3 when I began reading your blog! Where has the time gone?

  5. I've never seen so many good-looking babies in one place!
    Happy birthday to Jayden - He's certainly got an exciting week
    to celebrate in :)

  6. Your family really knows how to celebrate. Love how you get together often. So does Jayden go to a private Catholic school? What a great list of fun activities they have going for the kids. I missed seeing Mia. Sophie looks SO much like her big sister!

  7. Happy Birthday Jayden, what a big boy you are. It seems like just yesterday Eileen we all became blogging friends and Jayden was only 3 or so.....your grandchildren are gorgeous. All the boys and those beautiful little girls, how blessed you are. Sending big hugs.....:-)

  8. A bit late but Happy Birthday!!!! My oh my!! All those beautiful babies!!! You surely made some wonderful memories!!! My best wishes as always!!! Cathy

  9. Oh my, there certainly are many beautiful babies around! And Jayden appeared to be enjoying his day, just a little bit, LOL!!
    Honestly Eileen, all those kids look so happy. Your family must have a magic touch!
    Happy Birthday to Jayden, I can't believe that he is Five already. He was so little when we started Blogging! Time flies, oh my!!
    Love Di ♥