Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Before And After

No, this is not another big home improvement project.  This is just the daily home improvement project.

Before Jayden leaves for school the living room looks like this:
 (Throw pillows and cushions in disarray.)

(Artwork left out on the loveseat.)

(Various toys strewn all about the room.)

Of course he never has time to do clean-up before rushing out the door to school:

So after he leaves I do a quick pick-up and then the living room looks like this:

And Eóghan and I spend a quiet day surrounded by neatness.
Here is the living room before Jayden comes home from school:

Then Eóghan and I make the trek to school to fetch Jayden:

And out comes the whirlwind...

...who is always a few steps ahead of us:

And after he walks in the door the living room looks like this:

Me (indignantly):  "Jayden!"
Jayden (just as indignant):  "I know, I know, put my hat and gloves in the sleeve and hang up my jacket.  Then put my shoes away, and get changed, and put my schoolbag on the dining table.  Every day the same old thing!"


  1. That's what I always say: "Everyday the same old thing!"

  2. Those whirlwinds are the breaths of life for us, aren't they, Eileen.
    Precious children....
    I love your blog; it feels like family here.
    Love you,

  3. Now that sounds like a cool day to me, Jayden is a typical little boy who is growing up before all our eyes thanks to your blog, even Eoghan is getting bigger. Hope you have a great weekend

  4. I always love your blog, but I especially love these real life moments. Probably because I can relate so well to them.
    Well Jayden doesn't realize it now, but you are teaching him order and responsibility. What a wonderful childhood he has...his Grandma walks to pick him up from school everyday!

  5. Jayden's 'whirlwind' results aren't too extreme....yet! With 6 grandsons, believe me...I have seen worse, Eileen!

  6. He will always treasure these moments when he becomes an adult!