Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Your Typical Baby Shower

I've been to many, many baby showers (none of my own, as my Mom's family did not believe in baby showers), but I've hosted a few baby showers and I've been a guest at quite a number of baby showers of all sizes ~ small, intimate gatherings in the home or office, luncheons or teas at restaurants, and even larger affairs with many women and little girls attending, but I have never before in my life been to a baby shower with so many children and so many men:

(Too bad Jayden was sick that day, he would have loved running around with the other boys and playing with the wrestling figures!)

Brian and Flora's baby is due to arrive mid-January, and my girls and I were planning on having a family shower for Flora sometime in late November or early December but Flora had a plan of her own. Flora's family lives out of state, so understandably, she wanted to have it when her sister was visiting New York. Flora did the planning herself and she had lots of help and support from her friend Kathleen, and also lots of help from Brian's friend Melissa. While Flora was out of state the week before the shower these girls did a lot of the shopping and organizing. They also helped to set up and decorate the hall and they organized games and provided prizes for the guests to enjoy. The girls were an outstanding support system to Flora. And they were a God-send to me! With a two-week-old baby in the house, and planning and packing for a trip to Disney World, it was not perfect timing for me to host a small family shower, and definitely not perfect timing for me to throw a big bash. I did meet Flora's request for cupcakes and 'Wanda's Peanut Butter Cookies' though, and Ray made up some cute Baby Shower water bottle labels that we found online, and we had a great system: Ellie took off all the Poland Spring labels, Ray put on the new labels, I cut ribbon, Ellie tied it on the bottles, and then I curled it. So many thanks to Ray and Ellie, and many, many thanks to Kathleen and Melissa!

 (I like the idea of the water bottle labels, and Kate says she may do that for Eòghan's Christening celebration too.)

(Flora's friend Kathleen is on the left)

(This is Brian's friend Melissa)

Ray's sister Susie has a severe latex allergy, so she was not able to attend the shower because there were lots of these:

We missed her a lot, but we were happy that her girls were there!

 (Here are Erika, Jackie, and Jillian, back at our house for a little visit with E`oghan after the shower was over).

(Susie's oldest daughter Jackie with Ray's Mom Helena.  We also got the good news that Jackie is expecting her first baby in May!)

(Here is my sister-in-law Eileen [married to Ray's brother Kenny] and her beautiful daughters Sara and Katie.)

(My cousin Mary, she just got out of the hospital recently, and even though she is recovering from major surgery, she still makes every party!)
(These are Mary's daughters and granddaughter, Laura with little Ashley, and MaryAnn)

(And this is my Aunt Marion [mother to Mary, Grandma to Laura & MaryAnn, and Great-Grandma to Ashley, among many others], Marion will be turning 95 on October 17!  Happy Birthday, Aunt Marion!)

(Lori and Sophie!)

(And here's the guest of honor ~ Flora)

Flora's baby shower was more of a baby festival complete with a "Cat In The Hat" pinata!

 I really don't like the idea of pinata's at all.  I think it is too dangerous (I kept yelling at Flora to step back!  She's carrying precious cargo after all!), and I feel bad for the children at the end of the line who never seem to get a chance at bat!

(But Mia was at the front of the line, so she got a chance.)

(And James got a chance too!)

And I think all the children went home with 'goody bags', so, all's well that ends well.

Well, we're off on a road trip to Disney!  'See you all when we return!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dad's Birthday

(I think Eòghan looks a lot like Daddy did as a baby. He's got that same deep crease between his nose and his lips, and he's got that crooked little mouth, and his head is getting that very round 'Charlie Brown' shape like Dad's!)

Dad was a very good man.

He was a very good husband.

He was a very good father.

(Remember those 'Fudgie The Whale' ice cream cakes from Carvel?!)

(And remember how Dad thought even the littlest nothing thing we did for him was the greatest thing ever?)

His needs were few, and he led a very simple, very good life.

I miss him. A lot. We all do.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Smiling Eòghan

Eòghan has had lots of visitors already!

Erika, Aunt Susie, and Jillian

Uncle Erik

Uncle Andrew

Uncle Donald

Aunt Lori

And here's Sophie trying to get at him again!

Our niece, Jillian, made him this sweet bib:

I think it's such a precious keepsake. Jill's insisting we use it, but Katie says she wants to frame it. I vote we should do both!

While Jill was holding Eòghan he gave her this big smile:

Eòghan went to the doctor last week and he said everything looked fine, but he did lose some weight, especially after having his stomach pumped and only being on IV fluids for awhile. I guess it's taking him some time to catch up. We take him back to the doctor tomorrow to see if he's gained any more. Wish us luck! If everything goes well Eòghan and Katie will be able to make the trip to Disney World with us!