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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Ray

Meet the newest addition to our family ~

Raymond Francisco

He was born at 7:03 PM and we got to see him at 7:15 PM!
We were in the waiting area of 'labor and delivery' when Brian knocked on the window, we had just arrived at the hospital and we thought he was going to tell us that Flora was being brought into the operating room (after hours and hours of labor and no real progress she ended up having a C-section), but, lo and behold, he was standing outside the room by the elavators with Baby Ray in the bassinett, they were transferring him downstairs to the nursery, so we were able to get a view up close and personal!  And he looked right at me!  And I think he smiled!

Here's the proud PaPa relating all the details:

(We didn't get a chance to see Flora as she was still in recovery and the announcement came that visiting hours were over.)

We wish her a speedy recovery so she can enjoy this new little Blessing!


  1. Oh my goodness, Eileen!!
    I am beaming with pride for you.
    Baby Ray is gorgeous....and look at those eyes...and yes, that smile!!
    I'm so glad that Flora is doing well, and I wish her a speedy recovery, too. Congratulations to Brian, Flora...and to you and your wonderful family. God just keeps on blessing, doesn't He!!!
    Love you,

  2. OH just look at baby Ray...he is SO CUTE. I think I see lots of hair under that hat, right? And his Dad looks so very proud.
    This makes #5 for you, right? Congratulations!!!!!!!
    Can hardly wait to see more pictures.

  3. HI EILEEN - truly beautiful and yes, a miracle. :-)
    Love Gail

  4. I hope Flora is doing well. What a beautiful baby! And I can see the resemblance in baby Ray to the rest of the family! Love Di ♥

  5. I too hope Flora is doing well. Those of us who end up with C-sections have all our pain after-the-fact.

    What a blessing indeed - Sweet Baby Ray!

    Hugz to you all!