Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Just Who She Is

I never really talk in-depth about family members on my blog as I don't want to intrude on their privacy, and I won't go in-depth now.

But, suffice it to say that I think my daughter-in-law, Lori, is a very good Mom.

We kid her about being over-protective at times, and we tease her about how 'germ conscious' she is, but really, those aren't such bad traits to have.  She's doing a wonderful job raising our two granddaughters Mia and Sophie.

That's one reason I love her.  Another reason is how happy she makes our son Erik.

And here's another reason I love her:

The family was over for Super Bowl Sunday, and Ray wanted to get a picture with all the grandkids, and Lori also mentioned that Mia needed a picture of their little family for a school project.  So she, Erik, Mia, and Sophie got settled on the loveseat to pose.  And with that, Jayden came and stuck his head in the way.

The rest of us all thought he was just being a scootch and said, "No, Jayden!" ~ "Move!" ~ "Get out of the way!" ~  "They just want their family in this picture." ~ things along that nature.  Jayden stepped aside and huffed, "Well, I'm their family too."

And, right away Lori said, "Awww!  Of course you're our family!"
So then we all softened a little and told him as soon as we got a picture for Mia for school he could get in the picture too.  But, of course, once all the picture-taking was done we forgot.  Erik got up and walked away, and we all went about our business.  Everyone except Lori that is.
She pulled Jayden over to her and said, "Wait!  Now I want a picture with the rest of my family."  

(This picture isn't the greatest, but I wanted to show how happy Jayden was to be included!)
(And look at Sophie's little face!  So adorable!)

(Jayden's not smiling as big in this one but I love how Mia is looking toward Jayden.)
(And I love how inclusive Lori is with Jayden in every situation.)

It's just who she is.


  1. You can see by looking at Lori that she is a good mom! What sweet photos and Jayden, bless his little heart!!! Your son is a lucky man Eileen.

    And yes, the entire Frankie Avalon story I posted is TRUE!! Love Di ♥

  2. What a wonderful gift Lori is to you -- ALL of you. She's as beautiful as she is kind, isn't she?

  3. Mommy to Jayden & EoghanFebruary 9, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    I love, love, LOVE my 'sister', Lori! Thank you for loving my boys as your own!!! I'll never forget how nervous you & Erik were when you first held Jayden, and then a little over a year later, when you shared your wonderful pregnancy news about Mia with us, and you told me, "Jayden is the whole reason we decided to start a family!" - We are honored & blessed to have you in our lives!! I love watching our kids play together, and I love Jayden & Mia's sleepovers, and I can't wait to see Sophie, Eoghan, & Baby Ray joining in on the slumber parties, too!!! I love my nieces more than life itself, and I know you love your nephews the same!! We love you, Lori!!! xoxoxo

  4. HI EILEEN - wonderful pictures - wonderful tribute to your daughter-in-law. :-)

    Love Gail

  5. What a beautiful blog about Lori...and my heart melted when I read the comment above from Jayden and Eoghan's Mommy. What love abounds in your family!!

  6. What a sweetheart Lori is. That little story tells volumes about her. I want to be like her!

  7. It's always been easy to see in your posts that Lori is a wonderful mother, wife and daughter-in-law, Eileen and now your post confirms just how sweet she is.

  8. Your Lori sounds like a wonderful girl Eileen! She sounds a lot like our Annie. Your grandchildren just get more beautiful and handsome with each picture you post!

  9. I have just caught up on your post I missed and I really enjoyed them. Loved the super bowl shirts and all the new baby pictures. You have beautiful grandchildren and yes Lori is a sweetie, even in her pictures we can see that something special about her. What a blessing knowing your son and grandchildren are loved by such a lovely lady......:-)Hugs