Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Exceptionally Nice Weekend

Nothing out of the ordinary, but a really special weekend with family and friends.
On Saturday Ray's sister Susie stopped over with his Mom, and Jillian and Rudy were along too.  And they had some extra special news for us, but first I have to tell you a little story about Jayden and Jillian.  A few months back Jillian had a miscarriage, and at that time Jayden went into a whole long story about babies and the 'waiting place' (I've posted about this so you might remember).  Anyway, soon after Jill lost her baby we found out her sister Jackie was expecting.  It was Christmas time and we were talking about how many babies there would be here next Christmas with all the cousins having babies this year, and Jayden said to me, "There will be five babies."  I corrected him and said, "No, there will be four babies, there will be Sophie, and Eóghan, and Baby Ray, and then Jackie's baby, that makes four."  Jayden said, "No, there will be five babies, there will be our three babies and Jackie and Jill's babies."  I reminded him that Jillian's baby went to Heaven before it was born and he said, "I know, but it's coming back again.  She's going to have the baby in October.  It will be here in time for Christmas."
I had told this story to my sister-in-law Susie. 
Well, during their visit on Saturday morning Susie leans over and says to me, "You're not going to believe this. Remember what Jayden told you about Jill?  Well, she's expecting and her due date is September 28th!" 
I don't know what this connection is that Jayden has with people who have passed and those that are about to arrive, but there is definitely something there.

Jackie and Scott are expecting their baby in mid-May, and Jill and Rudy are expecting in September, how wonderful for these sisters to be having babies so close in age, and how wonderful for all the cousins!  They all grew up together and now their children will be growing up together.  Sweet.

Erik & Lori stopped by too with Sophie & Mia, and Brian & Flora stopped in with Baby Ray so Ray's Mom could have a chance to see all the kids.

Here's Ray's Mom ~ Helena ~ with her great-grandchildren:

Later in the afternoon a few of Brian & Flora's friends stopped by for a visit and they brought along some gifts for Baby Ray.
Saturday evening we went out to a delicious dinner with my sister Diane & Steve.  It was really a nice day.

Sunday morning Ray drove into Manhattan to pick up a coffee table he bought at a thrift store there one day during the week on his lunch hour, and Erik went along to help him.  It's a big round coffee table with a marble top.  Erik says from the workmanship he would estimate it to be about a hundred years old.    I've been wanting something new because Jayden and Mia are getting kind of big for the little IKEA table they've been using, and I figure with more little ones about, we'll be needing to fit a few more chairs around the "kids" table soon!  I usually don't let Ray pick out furniture by himself but I am extremely happy with his purchase!
Lori and the girls joined us later in the day for pizza, and Mia & Jayden said they were both happy with the table too!

Now, take a look at this big girl standing on her own, almost ready to walk on her own!  Sophie already transfers, and uses anything she can get her hands on to steady herself as she takes a few steps here and there:

And, of course, I have to show you her shoes!

And I have to show you this little man, Eóghan is like a water faucet, drooling all the time!

Not only is he soaking wet, but we are all soaking wet too!  He finally cut one tooth through.  And here's a brave soul sticking her finger in his mouth!

It was really another nice day at home!

And today a lot of family had the day off for Presidents' Day!  So it was another day of leisure, and more family visits!

Mia and I made Wanda's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies:

('Can't thank Wanda enough for this recipe, it is a favorite of both Mia and myself!  Katie and Jayden love them too!  Wanda has the recipe posted on the sidebar of her beautiful blog along with many of her other delicious recipes, if you are interested you can go HERE, just scroll down a little.)

And my niece Erin stopped in for a visit, unfortunately George did not have the day off, but he was able to join us later after work:

He loves Wanda's cookies now too and has asked me to give him the recipe.
And he made us the most delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!  Everything was made from scratch, icing and all:

George is a wonderful baker and he is always making us so many delicious desserts that add to our holidays and celebrations!  I hear he's a wonderful cook too, but I've haven't tasted one of his dinners yet.

Another day to be grateful for!
(Doesn't Katie look like the cat that swallowed the canary?  I wonder what was so amusing?!  Maybe some antic of Jayden's.)

And, our weather has been sunny and bright (although turning a little colder again now), and we have two Winter Crocuses poking their heads up through the brown grass out front:

'Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend too!  And hope you all had a Happy Presidents' Day!


  1. What a wonderful family you have! Every day so special with all those little ones. I miss those days so much! Your little group is so handsome and beautiful too! I think Jayden has a real gift. What great news about the new little one your family is expecting. Happy Pasczki Day to all of you!

  2. Baby Ray looks just like George Washington (or Beethoven)! Your grandkids are all so cute, Eileen, can't believe Sophie is almost walking. Love your new coffee table! I once took apart an old dining table and placed the top on a coffee table, turned upside down for the grandkids. It worked perfect in the livingroom and had storage underneath. It's now a desk in my computer room...back to normal height of course! Glad you're still making the cookies; Granddaughter Amanda asked me to make them for her wedding reception last year. Sorry I've been a little absent lately... Granddaughter Katie is getting married next month and moving to New Mexico....have been spending lots of extra time with her. Like at your members, especially young ones, come first!

  3. I so love that picture of baby Ray! All of your photos were so cute, beautiful children and grandchildren. There was one photo with Mia in it where she looks just like you Eileen.
    I do remember you telling us about Jaydens premonitions. I think he has a gift. I hope he always keeps that. It's truly amazing. I've been a lazy blogger lately. I've been reading but to lazy and tired to post. Glad you had a fun weekend, oh and I liked the table!
    Love Di ♥

  4. You know, I LOVE all the Grands' photos. Always have. Always will.
    BUT...I zeroed in on Ray's Mom (Ms. Helena) with those babies.
    Is that not precious!! Nothing could be sweeter than the love between a Grandmother (Great-Grandmother) and her babies. Give her a big special squeeeezie hug from me and tell her that I love the love I feel between her and her sweet babies!!!

  5. I enjoy these pictures so much. It is just such fun to me watching these babies grow up! I feel like I know your family now and it's great to be updated. I would LOVE your table too. What a great idea. Round fits so many in a better way. And with your 5 little ones, it will get so much use. Isn't this just the very best time of life?!