Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Super Saturday (And Sunday)

Last weekend we had so much fun with the grandkids.

We took them to two shopping malls, one mall to see Santa (and ride the Merry-Go-Round & the little train, and to view the big Christmas decoration shop), and the other mall has a Build-A-Bear store and since we didn't do that on our trip to Manhattan as usual, we decided to take them to the local Bear store last Saturday:

(I can't watch them in this, they spin so fast it makes me dizzy!)

Mia picked Smurfette at Build-A-Bear

And she took making a wish on Smurfette's heart very seriously!

And she scrubbed her clean before we left the store!

Jayden has been asking for a puppy for Christmas (that's ALL I need right now!), so I'm hoping this one he picked from the store will suffice for awhile!  He even came home with a leash, a little dog bed, and a food bowl for "Ruff".

I was so happy to see that Jayden can still be caught up in the 'magic' of stuffed animal friends, I was afraid he was getting to that age where this was all 'too babyish' for him.  So this was a delightful surprise!

And this little angel slept the whole while!

Then we stopped for a bite to eat at California Pizza before heading home:

Eóghan The Happy Elf!

Sunday was just as much fun!
And I think I love Eóghan's morning bath as much as Eóghan does!

Mia was back in the city with her Mommy and her other grandmother (Grandmum) so we didn't see her but we did get to spend the day with Sophie which made Eóghan very happy!

Uh-oh ~ here comes trouble!

Eóghan looks like he's actually enjoying the game on TV:

And he definitely loves his big brother already!
Here he's trying to give Jayden a kiss good-night and Jayden is trying hard to avoid the slobbering!


  1. Looks like the two little ones will be best friends, just like Jayden and Mia, except in this case Sophie is the older. Beautiful times to enjoy, Eileen.

  2. The Eoghan and Sophie photos speak to me, Eileen. They are so cute together. Babies must have a language all of their that we adults can't hear. Look at the smiles between them!
    Isn't is wonderful how much Jayden loves Eoghan...and vice versa.
    The photo of Mia making a wish on Smurfette's heart touches me, Eileen.
    You are a loving Umma. Your Grandchildren are blessed to have you. I mean that with all my heart.
    Thank you for sharing these photos with us.
    Love you,

  3. EILEEN - what a wonderfuil day - great pictures. And I am sounding like a broken record as once again I remind you of the "glory" you create by the memories you are making that are part of the permanent design of their life stories - you continue to inspire and build such strong, secure loving people. I admire you SO much.
    Love Gail

  4. Grandchildren are just the best. What a special season of our lives this is.

    Mia looks like a model the way she poses. What a beauty. And Eoghan has changed so much...amazing how they go from newborn to a smiling busy baby!
    Very special times!

  5. Aren't Grandchildren just the best? I'm not sure what the difference is from having children to having grandchildren maybe, I just know I dearly love it!

    Hugz, my friend!

  6. Oh what wonderful memories you have made for the older children!! They will remember these days the rest of their lives!!! Well done!! My very best wishes!!!! Cathy

  7. I love, love, love seeing pictures of your grandchildren and love seeing how much you and Ray enjoy them. They are all so beautiful...Hugs