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Friday, December 9, 2011

Ray's Wonderful Suggestion For Eóghan's Baptism Celebration

In my last post I wrote about my sister Diane suggesting that Eóghan be Baptized on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  And while Thanksgiving weekend was a very busy weekend (Thanksgiving we had the family over, the next day we put up and trimmed our Christmas tree, we took the Fall decorations out of the front window and put up our Nativity window display, and on Friday we also decorated the outside of the house too, then on Saturday we had a Sweet Sixteen party to attend),  still, all in all, having Eóghan Baptized on that Sunday was a wonderful way to end such a happy weekend.

After Church we went to our favorite restaurant ~ Exo ~ it's a Greek restaurant right down the street from us.  Ray suggested that we celebrate there instead of the usual catering halls in the area.  And since we have a very big family (fifty-three of us were there that evening), the owners were exceptionally kind to us and they closed the restaurant to other patrons in order to accommodate us.  They also explained to us that they usually serve all the food 'family style' for parties rather than present each guest with a choice.  I was a little leery of that at first since we have some very "picky eaters" in the family, and, also, some family members have some medical issues that prevent them from eating certain foods.  But it all worked out well as there was such a variety of food that kept coming out, so everyone found something to their liking and something they could eat.  (I, of course, found EVERYTHING to my liking and I could & did eat it all!)

Here's some pictures of the celebration:

(This used to be the outdoor area, but Exo put in a 'three-season' room, the glass walls can be taken down for the summer.)

(Below is my cousin Kathy, my Aunt Marion, my cousin Mary & her husband Lenny sitting in the 'indoor' part of the restaurant.)

(Our family has two sets of "Katies, Saras and Jimmys"!  Ray's brother Kenny & his wife Eileen have Sara & Katie {in the photo below} [Ray's brother Kenny & his nephew Jimmy weren't able to make the party]...



...and my sister Marybeth's daughter Rebecca & her husband Jimmy also have a Katie & a Sarah & a little Jimmy [we call him 'Jamesy Boy!])

Below are photos of Marybeth's daughter and her grandgirls:



And in the 'kissin' cousins' photo below is Jamesy Boy with Mia & Jayden:

And, yes, Eóghan got passed around A LOT!
(Proud Grandpa!)

(Sister-in-law Eileen)

(Sister-in-law Ann)


(My niece Erin)

(Ray's Mom & sister ~ Helena & Susie with Eóghan)

(Eóghan getting some loving from his Great-Grandma)

And while this was Eóghan's big day, we also had lots of fun with the other little people in attendance!

(Mia being entertained by Rudy)

(Erik, Virginia, Lori, & Sophie being entertained by Mia)

(Lori & Mia)

(Virginia & Sophie)

And I was having lots of fun raising little Miss Sophie high in the air and playing "What are doing up there?  Get down!"  ...

...while Sophie usually loves that game, she was having more fun playing with Grandma's necklace!

And she wasn't very happy when Grandma put a stop to it!  But in my defense, she was trying to eat the beads!  I had no choice.

Just some random pictures:

Godparents George & Erin

(Here with Eóghan)

(Parents Katie & Jayson and Godparents George & Erin)

(Erin with her Mom ~ Ann)


Erin & Ray

Erin, Eóghan & Mia

We got the cake from a local bakery and I thought they did a beautiful job decorating it:
Not only did it look good but it was delicious, with a whipped cream icing, and half the cake was filled with chocolate mousse while the other half was a canoli filling.

Just look at how big Eóghan's getting!  He looks like he's been eating lots of cake!  Beautiful healthy boy!

Ray took this picture of this motley-looking crew outside the restaurant ~
(Doug, Linda, Donald, myself & Susie)

Excellent food, excellent service, excellent company!
Exo was a very good call on Ray's part!
It was a wonderful celebration!


  1. Our youngest daughter was baptized on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It think it added more meaning the Advent season that year as she reminded me of the anticipation of the birth of the Christ Child more vividly that year. Cherish the moments. As a matter of fact our youngest grandchild, Xavier, was baptized last Saturday. What a celebration!!!! Have a grand week! Cathy

  2. Loved the different looks on Eóghan's face as he was held by so many...wide eyed, sleepy head, smiling and especially the one with his finger to his lip! Little necklace-loving Sophie looked like she was aiming for Virginia's earring too! Lovely grandchildren, Eileen!

  3. How wonderful Eileen! I loved seeing everyone. Your family seems like family to me now because I find myself looking for certain people...and noticing children growing up so nicely. Great idea going to a restaurant. And how cool is that having the place all to yourselves!

  4. What a beautiful baby boy and he seems so good being passed around, everyone loves holding a baby. Wanda is right you are blessed with such a wonderful family, beautiful grandchildren. God Bless you all sweetie.....:-)Hugs

  5. HI EILEEN - great pictures, wonderful celebration, and the memorable chapters of their life stories continue so beautifully,
    Love Gail

  6. I'm so glad that your family was able to celebrate in such a warm and wonderful way, Eileen.
    I'm especially happy to see the photos with names. Thank you for doing that. I feel that I "know" your family, but it is always so good to put names with faces.
    Eoghan is so very precious!
    You look radiant, my sweet friend. No wonder.
    You have the blessings of family with you.
    May God continue to bless you and your family....richly.

  7. OK, Diane, did you see who wasn't in any of these pictures either? But, we did have a wonderful time. Thanks Eileen & Ray!