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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Be Careful What You Wish For...and... The Best Laid Plans...and...Making God Laugh"

I've always loved this saying:
"Be careful what you wish for ~ you just may get it."

Well, if you read my post 'Quiet Please' you know I was hoping to spend a very quiet Christmas Eve.  Well, it wasn't really all that quiet but it wasn't spent in the usual manner of the hustle and bustle either, so I guess I got my wish.  Poor Eóghan was saddled with a full-blown cold, eyes watering, nose running, a rasping, wheezing cough that just would not quit!  That poor baby was so exhausted, and poor thing, he could hardly swallow so he wasn't taking in much formula.
I spent most of Christmas Eve with him propped up on my lap to make it easier for him to breathe.  As hard as it was to see the little guy suffering, I have to confess, I loved holding that baby hour after hour, trying this and that to soothe him, and feeling a great sense of relief when something worked to ease his discomfort.  And I loved that in that time I was able to contemplate my Blessings and thank God for them all.  But tending a sick baby certainly was the last thing I had in mind when I planned on spending Christmas Eve different from usual.  

And later in the day Katie asked that we keep Jayden out of the house for awhile so that she could finish wrapping his gifts, so after the evening Mass we took him to dinner, we had the restaurant to ourselves (I don't think many people go out on Christmas Eve), so, I guess I got my 'quiet Christmas Eve' wish!

(Here's the Nativity scene that was set up in front of the altar.)

Another saying I love is:

"If you want to make God laugh ~ tell Him your plans."

Well, I had lots of plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that didn't pan out at all!

Here are the grandboys clothes all laid out with plans of using the 'dress-up' clothes for Christmas Eve Mass, and then taking photos of the boys in their Christmas pajamas, and a little Santa Suit to dress Eóghan in Christmas morning...

...but poor little Eóghan was feeling so miserable on Christmas Eve so he never did get into his dress-up clothes, and he ended up vomiting all over his Christmas pajamas, and I didn't have the heart to dress him up as Santa for a photo op on Christmas morning.

A few snaps from Christmas morning:

(A very happy boy just spotted all the gifts under the tree!)

(And here's the sick boy, not enjoying Christmas morning very much at all.)

(Jayden opens a few of Eóghan's gifts and tries to cheer him up.)

(Well, that got a little smile out of him anyway.)

(Everyone was very good to Jayden and he was pleased with all his gifts!)

(And Jayden was just as excited to play 'Santa' and hand out the gifts he chose for everyone from the Christmas sale at his school.)

(Kate ~ the comic relief.)

And some family came over for lunch in spite of EVERYONE not feeling up to par.   My sister Marybeth, my Aunt Florence (I think they were the only ones feeling well that day), my sister Diane, her husband Steve, and our nephew Will made it over here.  And Brian stopped in for awhile (but Flora wasn't feeling well enough to venture out so Brian came solo), and our son Andrew and his girlfriend Lisa were able to make it too.  It was far from the usual crowd, but it was one of the nicest Christmases I've ever had.  Just a very easy, comfortable day.

Both Mia and Sophie were sick over Christmas weekend too, so we didn't get a visit from them at all!

But we're planning on making up for it this coming weekend!  Ham for dinner with pineapple stuffing, and sweet potatoes, and a pasta dish with mixed vegetables for the vegans, gifts piled under the tree for the girls, and family gathered together once again. (I know, I know, I can hear God laughing now at my 'picture perfect' setting!)


  1. I hope your Christmas celebration goes well and that everyone is feeling better. Merry Chistmas to all of you! I hope the New Years is filled with joy, good Heath, and peace. I have really enjoyed blogging with you.

  2. All in all it seems that your Christmas was quite nice and to think you get to do it all over again soon. I too had a wonderful Christmas Eileen, the children were so full of love and happy......:-)Hugs

  3. Hi Eileen! You are such a wonderful grandma! There is nothing like Christmas with children! We ended up going to my sons Christmas morning after all was opened! We slept in and by the time we got there the initial excitement was over. I knew the day would Now the thought of taking down the tree this weekend is haunting me. I love my tree! Hope your New Years Eve is a little less stressful and that everyone is healthy! hugs!

  4. Eileen...How much Jayden has grown! I feel as if I know him, and I love seeing photos of your sweet Grandchildren.
    I'm so sorry that your family was sick. I hope that Mia and Sophie are well as Eoghan and the other members of your family that were sick.
    You are a wonderful Umma, and I send you great big hugs...from one Grandmother to another....hoping that you feel the smiles and love. Please know that I am happy to call you my friend.
    Love to you,

  5. Sometimes I think God allows babies to get sick so we can just stop the world and hold them all day long.

    And you had all those beautiful outfits ready for them !

    Hope you take lots of pictures when you celebrate this coming weekend. :)

  6. Hope the three little ones are all feeling better, Eileen. One of our grandsons, Nathan(19), wasn't feeling his best Christmas Eve either and I was just getting over a virus myself. Enjoy this coming weekend with the family...most will be here again too!