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Friday, December 30, 2011

"Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread"

My Mom used to say lots of phrases, and some made no sense to me when I was little, it wasn't until I got older that I understood the wisdom of some of these sayings, and it wasn't until I was older that I understood the humor in a lot of them:

"Still wet behind the ears."
"Three sheets to the wind."
"Throwing the baby out with the bath water."
"To boot."
"Be careful what you wish for."
"Crying crocodile tears."
"Doubting Thomas."
"Spick and Span."
"Give the house a lick and a promise."

She had a ton of them, but these are some I remember off the top of my head.  And often others will come to mind, like, "This is the greatest invention since sliced bread!" (I looked it up and found that bread was first sliced and packaged for convenience in 1928 [my Mom was five at the time, so maybe she does remember this invention!],  I read that this phrase is commonly used to praise an invention or development.  And I read that a writer for the Kansas City Star wrote that the phrase is the ultimate depiction of innovative achievement and American know-how.)

Anyway, that one phrase of my Mom's came to mind when I acquired these:

Dish Towel Gloves!

They were just an impulse buy when Ray and I were in the Corningware store at a local shopping center.  And it is an impulse buy that I do NOT regret!  They are fantastic!  They dry well.  They give you a good grip on whatever it is you're drying.  And they are so thick and absorbent that you can dry many, many dishes and pots & pans without having to change the gloves out the way you do with conventional dish towels.

Yes! Dish Towel Gloves! Greatest invention since sliced bread!


  1. Love the looks of them.
    I have a dish-drying mat that looks very similar to them. I put it on the counter and use it instead of a drainer for the dishes. I didn't think I would like it or use it, but I love it. And, it looks as if it is made of the same absorbent material that these gloves are made of.
    Thanks for sharing! :)))

  2. HI EILEEN - I know every one f those sayings/phases, every one!! And I love those dish-towel gloves - Way cool!

    Happy New Year my friend - good to have you with me in 2012
    Love Gail

  3. Love this post!!! Mom uses those same phrases!!! Wishing you the best!!!! Happy New Year, dear friend!!! Cathy

  4. My mom use to say that last one a lot! She said them all except I don't remember the "Three sheets to the wind." I've often thought how odd it is that sayings from one generation spread across the US !

    I also remember:
    "The whole kit and kaboodle"
    "peachy keen"

    I know more will come to me :)

    "The whole kit

  5. Eileen, I loved reading all your posts. I am finally back up with my computer, and I'm so happy to "see" you! :-)

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, despite the illness of several folks. I'm wishing you a merry one on this, the 6th day of Christmas... let's see what is the six day??? Oh, swans a swimming! :-)

    I catch myself saying, "It's the greatest thing since sliced bread," and I know it must have come from somone in my family. Probably Daddy or Granny. I recognize some of those same expressions, Eileen. LOL!

    Sending you much love and all the best to you and yours for a very Happy 2012!

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  6. I was brought up on the same "sayings" and even use them.
    Love those hand towels, must look for them here. Happy New Year......:-)Hugs

  7. Fun sayings aren't they?
    And what a great idea - those gloves! (I don't shop much so it's not surprising I haven't seen them. I wonder what ELSE I'm missing???)