Sometimes living life in a big family does feel like a three-ring circus, but that's my life, and, all-in-all, I LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back With A Fervor...Well, Not Quite

I am thankful for all the Blessings in my life, and I do want to "journal" precious moments here on my blog, but I'm having a lack of passion for blogging.  I'm sure it's all due to family discord.  Some of which is out of my control, and some of which I contributed to.

I'm resolved to concentrating on the positive though, so I hope to be posting in the near future.  Raymond and I have had some wonderful family moments, and we've had so many happy occasions to celebrate these past few months, and so many more celebrations coming in the next few weeks that I'm looking forward to, so I'll most likely be deluging this blog with posts and photos soon.  If I can just work up a little enthusiasm.

Thanks to all of you who have messaged me on Facebook, or left comments and words of encouragement.  You are all so kind.


  1. Oh I've missed you, my Cyber Friend! I've missed your words, your family stories, and well... just you! Hugz!!!

  2. I've missed you, too, Eileen.
    As you continue to focus on the positive, know that I'm thinking of you...sending you great big hugs.
    I look forward to your posts and photos.
    Hugging you, my friend.

  3. I fear I have been in this very frame of mind for several months myself, but support of others has encouraged me. And so, I in turn encourage you!!! Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  4. I so understand Eileen. Life gets so busy and when we do find time to blog, well exhaustion sets in. Right? Yea I know. I've been wanting to post all week but have been too tired or too busy! I am hoping to soon.
    Please don't stay gone so long, I really missed you. Love Di ♥

  5. Hi there - I was so happy to have you stop by my place. My Mom is now back in the hospital - w//pneumonia and other stuff too. I am so sad for her and so mad at God for letting her suffer like this.
    Love to you

  6. Just last night before falling to sleep I had the thought, "I sure wish Eileen would do a post so I would know what is going on in her life." Then I wake up to find one!
    Family discord can really get us Grandmas down when all we want is peace and happiness for everyone. Take care dear friend.

  7. Just found your post, Eileen...after sending you an email!☺